Promotional Terms & Conditions

Promotions/offers on the website are temporary and change from time to time: previous or past orders do not qualify for such promotions/offers. Only orders placed during the time that the promotion is running on the website will qualify.

All promotions/offers are good while supplies last, from the time they are published, until they are removed from the website.

Shipping charges and taxes may apply to the full value of discounted and free promotional items.

Promotions/offers may not be combined with other offers.

Promotional codes may apply to certain qualifying items. Promotional code applies only to items purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address.

Promotions/Offers are non-transferrable and may not be resold.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel the promotion/offer at any time.

If the promotion/offer has a minimum purchase requirement, taxes and shipping charges do not apply when determining the minimum purchase amount.

If any of the products or content related to an offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product or content, subject to applicable refund policies.

If you violate any of the offer terms, the offer will be invalid.

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